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Antarctica 88: Survival Horror

Antarctica 88: Survival Horror 1.5.4 MOD (Unlocked Full Game)

Unlocked Full Game

Euphoria Horror Games · Action


Download Antarctica 88: Survival Horror 1.5.4 MOD, a action game developed by Euphoria Horror Games. with a lot of interesting features that make it one of the best !
NameAntarctica 88: Survival Horror
DevelopersEuphoria Horror Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Full Game
Updated onFebruary 18, 2023
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Antarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival HorrorAntarctica 88: Survival Horror

Entertaining games on mobile phones have been popular. Players of all ages play these games for entertainment and relaxation. However, people’s needs are more and more diverse, mobile games are constantly improving and developing. Besides, playing games helps people connect worldwide. Especially for those who like adventure games, Antarctica 88: Survival Horror is the best choice today. With countless challenges and fascinating discoveries, they are sure to make you happy, comfortable, and excited. Please join us to find out more about Antarctica 88: Survival Horror right now!


  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • High Dame.
  • Onehit.
  • God Mode.

What's new in Antarctica 88: Survival Horror MOD 1.5.4?

Take an action and survive the creepy adventure in one of the top horror games and really scary games! ?

?? In this horrible action you will find yourself in the ice of Antarctica, where you immerse into a terrible sci-fi story full of monsters, weapons and adventures. Our survival action will scare you so prepare to scream and solve puzzles!

Are you a fan of true horrors and very scary games like mr meat, ice scream or smiling x corp and thrillers like the thing or silent hill? Are you ready to face and escape from horrible monsters that Antarctica is hiding?

Can you save yourself and humanity from the pure evil — demogorgon like creatures?

? This survival thriller takes place at the corp station "Antarctica 1". Over the past six months the expedition of your father Vladimir Efimov has been engaged in drilling ice and exploring prehistoric minerals found in it. Six weeks ago, the expedition stopped communication. As a part of a four-man rescue squad, you have to go on a creepy adventure and figure out what strange things happened there. Nobody will hear your scream except demogorgons and horrible killer monsters!

? Take an action and solve puzzles, explore, collect and use objects to figure out what's the creepy story and try to get out of arctic ice alive in our scary awesome horror.

? The thing is that there are many endings in Antarctica 88, and the outcome of the story will depend only on your actions and decisions. Can you open all the endings and find out the whole story? (it is a real euphoria)

Features of this free and really scary horror game Antarctica 88:

★ Exciting storyline with multiple endings
★ Several types of killer monsters and weapons
★ Awesome graphics
★ Original author's soundtrack
★ Hardcore puzzles
★ Perfect horror adventure: intense gameplay, creepy screamers and horrible atmosphere

? If you like to play top scary games and creepy horror games for kids — you will definitely love this evil puzzle in the ice with monsters!

? Download for free one of the best scary action adventure games right now!

How to download and install Antarctica 88: Survival Horror version 1.5.4

You can download the Antarctica 88: Survival Horror MOD from our website, and we allow the permission of these users to check it on the play store and download it from our site; click on the download button given below. Once you download the APK file, go to the file you can download and click on install and wait for 2 to 3 minutes, and the APk file will be installed on your androids; let's enjoy this application.


We have just given you all the information about the game Antarctica 88: Survival Horror. We hope to bring you useful information to help you understand more about this game. Besides, if you are interested or are looking for a game to have fun with friends, do not hesitate to download Antarctica 88: Survival Horror MOD APK. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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A. No, you don't need to root your android device to play this game. You can enjoy all its features without any root access.

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A. If there is a problem with the broken link, cannot download the file, please let us know via contact email at [email protected]

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Reviews from users

Julian The Coolian: I was looking up poorly made horror games to play and laugh at and then I stumbled upon Antartica 88. After playing it multiple times, I can safely say game is very impressive. It actually scared me every now and then and It had a unique story. The ending was very dramatic and it made me want to replay the game to see the different endings. Overall, Antarctica 88 is very fun and if you are looking for a quick game to play for an day I would reccomend this.

Justin Jennings: Complete rip off of The Thing, YOU WILL WATCH MORE ADS THAN ACTUAL GAME PLAY. If you're okay with spending 3 dollars to remove ads then go for it. But if not, be fully prepared to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. After finally beating the first level, IT FORCES YOU TO WATCH 2 ADS before even starting the 2nd level. The state of mobile games is an absolute joke at this point. What a disgrace.

Michael Campo: I like these type of games. Makes you feel as though you're actually in the game. This game seems to move in the right direction for great games archives category. So far? Edit: on the way to get the snowmobile with the odds against you with all the baddies in the way. Finally get to the place and killed a few and the hole I made is completely sealed up again. If I have the ax that means I've broken through before. But it's back again and smashing it warns the creeps to you location. Not good.

J. Anthony: Seemed like it would be decent but I did not like the controls and there was no tutorial **EDIT** I revisited the game and had a better overall experience this time. As for a tutorial, there are some helpful hints, and once you figure out a few things about game play, it goes much better.

Wesley Stein: This is THE BEST horror experience for Android to date. I'm a horror fanatic and it truly takes alot to impress me, however the dev's have done just that!! This is truly a horrifying experience and I can only anticipate where it all may go. Great game dynamics, gameplay, graphics and story. Trust me when I say this is an investment you MUST MAKE!!!!

Joshua Perez: Edit: I went back to give this game another shot and from my experience it wasn't all that bad anymore. I mean sure, ads are annoying at times, but at least it's not in my face at 30s intervals. And I saw that you can actually pay for all the levels and without ads in one full payment, something I failed to notice before. It's not upfront, but I can take it. The game overall wasn't bad. I actually like it. I want to apologize to the devs for my previous review and to take it back. Good game!

Twila Chandler: It was a decent enough game. Kept me busy for a few hours. Some of the intruction could he a little more clear and "monsters" never actually attacked they just kinda walked around like they was lost or something. But other than that the game play was good. Not bogged down with adverts but i did like the option to watch for save points and ammo.

Zoei Rawo: So, I'm not a mobile player, not a big one anyways. Usually when I go on the app store I see all sort of cheap games, claiming to be say a shooting game but is instead the same mission repurposed over and over. I don't know why I downloaded this game, curiosity? No idea, but everyone, the game isn't bad, its actually pretty good. The story is pretty intriguing, beating many other games on the play store, I will say some cutscene fixing snd localization is needed (I emailed you on localisation).

Kila on Heathens: Ads. Ads everywhere. Everytime you save, everytime you die, everytime you need ammo, everytime you need to pass a level, hell I got 3 ads before even playing the actual game. Also there is a paywall on all the levels. Like I understand you guys need to make money, but it's not a multiplayer game, and it's just too much. Like why literally every single menu and every single level, with so many ads your just losing players, not making money.

Temaine Jackson: The game is good, I would like to state something though Fix the bug in ghost mode where the spiders can still see you, I just wanna explore. Can you do something like a practice mode? Like so I can explore and stuff then when I'm ready I can play the game on Easy Mode, Normal Mode, etc. Overall, keep up the good work! Excited to see what's next!

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